How to enable eIDAS login for public service providers participating in the Public Digital Identity System (SPID)

Since 29 September 2018, all public administrations that offer digital services through SPID or CIE make these services accessible to European citizens with digital identity (eID) recognized in the eIDAS environment.

On this page you will find the information that allows you to accept eIDAS digital identities through the interconnection to the Italian eIDAS node managed by AGID.

The procedures to be carried out are both technical and administrative, and all communications are sent through the specific support system and using the email address indicated in the text.

Technical and administrative procedure

The Italian eIDAS-Node operates like a virtual SPID identity provider, so the impact on the configuration activities of the service provider participating in SPID is minimal. To enable eIDAS login:

  1. Read the technical rules and guidelines related to SPID and the eIDAS notice 01-2018.

  2. Extend the current SPID metadata by following the specifications in section 4 eIDAS notice 01-2018

  3. After extending the metadata, make it available on a 'https' url of your domain and communicate it to AgID by forwarding it to the email: . AgID has the task of verifying the metadata received and, if necessary, of reporting useful changes to ensure compliance with the technical rules. AgID feedback in relation to its verifications is provided in response to the communication received.

  4. If there are changes to be made, you will need to repeat the transmission procedure described in point 3. If the metadata file is sent successfully, AgID will transmit the metadata to the Italian eIDAS-Node. Requests to upload configurations on the eIDAS-Node are made every day, Monday through Friday, at 6 pm.

  5. The transposition of metadata by the Italian eIDAS node is a prerequisite for following the tests and putting into production the online services that use the eIDAS login.

In addition to the technical rules, you must follow AgID's design rules: all graphics and instructions for using them are included in, eIDAS notice 01-2018 in paragraph 3.

Are you a SPID service provider?

The metadata of the SPID identity provider shown by the eIDAS-Node are:

  1. Production

  2. Component SP-Proxy IDP-IT
    Metadata URL
    Metadata Signing Certificate Metadata Signing Certificate
    Certificate fingerprint SHA 1

  3. QA (Quality Assurance)

Are you a SPID identity provider?

The metadata of the SPID SP shown by the eIDAS-Node are:

  1. Production

  2. Component IDP-Proxy SP-IT
    Metadata URL
    Metadata Signing Certificate Metadata Signing Certificate
    Certificate fingerprint SHA 1

  3. QA (Quality Assurance)

Technical and administrative support

If you need support when updating your systems for eIDAS login, you may request support or search previous responses and solutions on thespecific support system


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